How the Stock Market Works

  1. Go there now for free report on 7 Reasons to Invest for Income — Now More Than Ever. Put your money to work. This old but funny video explains basics of how companies go public and sell stock to investors. A basic primer of the capitalist system and how it is making our lives better. When we remember the basic purpose of the stock market, we can better understand why income investments are the best. Good companies use our initial capital to create goods that are in demand. Buying and selling feverishly is inefficient and not effective.
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  2. 1st in a series of videos outlining the basics of Day Trading, Showing how an average joe can open an account with 5-20k and make 0-00 a day trading the market. Will show you how i do it, and answer any questions you have. Each day.
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  3. What are stocks? Stocks represent ownership in a company. Stocks are probably the most basic element of the financial system, so watch the video and stay informed!
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    A Quick review on how Warren Buffett pick and review stocks he buys. This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. CLICK HERE — — Start Making Money Every 60 Seconds Right NOW ! Over the past few years the stock market has made substantial declines. Some short term investors have lost a good bit of money. Many new stock market investors look at this and become very skeptical about getting in now. If you are considering investing in the stock market it is very important that you understand how the markets work. All of the financial and market data that the newcomer is bombarded with can leave them confused and overwhelmed. The stock market is an everyday term used to describe a place where stock in companies is bought and sold. Companies issues stock to finance new equipment, buy other companies, expand their business, introduce new products and services, etc. The investors who buy this stock now own a share of the company. If the company does well the price of their stock increases. If the company does not do well the stock price decreases. If the price that you sell your stock for is more than you paid for it, you have made money. When you buy stock in a company you share in the profits and losses of the company until you sell your stock or the company goes out of business. Studies have shown that long term stock ownership has been one of the best investment strategies for most people. People buy stocks on a tip from a friend, a phone call from a broker, or a recommendation from a TV analyst. They buy during a strong market. When the market later begins to decline
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